Beef Stew & Dumplings - Single portion

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The ‘ups’ of making your own beef stew and dumplings can also become the ‘downs’… slow cooking for 3 hours fills your home with the hearty aromas of autumnal comfort:  delightful if you’re not planning to leave a load of freshly laundered clothes hanging around the house to dry while you’re out!  And after all your early morning preps, your beef stew will be ready to tuck into the moment you set foot in the door – providing there’s no change of plan or hold ups on your way home!

Perhaps everyone else has smooth running lives where nothing ever slips in or out of place!  But I like a few surprises… and that is why we’re here to help with our meaty slow-cooked stew of succulent British beef and root vegetables topped with fluffy herb dumplings – a classic British dish perfect to satisfy any cravings… stress-free enjoyment!… enjoy!